Capsid bug

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Capsid bug (Lamprocapsidea (Lygus) coffeae)

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The capsid bug is a serious pest in all areas. The adult bug is green or brownish and about 0.7-0.8 mm long, and has a sharp downward bent in its wings, which is highly characteristic. Females insert eggs into flower buds, and thus eggs are not visible. Nymphs are pale green and pear shaped. Wing buds are visible on older nymphs. Both adults and nymphs feed on flower buds, but when they are not present they would feed on any soft green part of the coffee bush. As a result of feeding flower buds blacken due to death of stamens and petals. The style however remains healthy and usually takes a club shaped appearance with pale green shaft and black head. Damaged flowers do not set fruit. This bug is frequently considered beneficial on unshaded coffee at lower altitudes since the pruning effect of the damage caused by this bug reduces the tendency to overbear.


Minor Pest What to do.: 
  • Control measures should only be applied when developing flower bugs are present, when most of the buds are required to set fruit, and when there is an average of more than 4 capsid bugs per tree.
  • Spray with pyrethrum (Flower DS(r) or similar product) 10 ml to 20 l of water or according to instructions. For more information on Pyrethrum click here.
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