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This is the inflammation of the endometrium (internal lining and mucus membrane of the uterus). It occurs as a result of an infection by microorganisms. Infection normally occurs during mating or around labour and delivery by such organisms as Campylobacter fetus (See Brucellosis) or Trichomonas fetus (See Leptospirosis) and other opportunistic bacteria like the Corynobacterium pyogenesE. coli and Fusobacterium necrophorum. Endometritis often occurs following difficult or abnormal labour or delivery and/or retained placenta. 

Clinical Signs

  • Discharges.
  • Repeated heat after mating.


  • History of repeated heat.
  • Difficult calving.
  • Retained placenta.


Prevention and Control

  • Routine and strict hygiene at calving:
    • Cows should be kept clean at calving
    • Ensure that calving boxes are cleaned and disinfected


  • Treat the underlying cause according veterinary advice

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