Storage pests

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Storage moth (Ephestia cautella).

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Storage pests (Sitophilus oryzae, Rhyzopertha dominica)

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Larva of storage moths (Ephestia cautella, Corcyra cephalonica) and bruchid beetles (Callosobruchus spp.) cause extensive damage to soybean grains.


The forewings of the adult moth E. cautella are greyish-brown with an indistinct pattern. The wing span is 1-2 cm.

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  • Rice husk ash was found to be effective against bruchid beetles (Callosobruchus analis) in Indonesia. Fresh, dry ash should be used, at a rate of around 1% of the seed weight. The rice husk ash should be spread by hand over well-dried soybean seeds stored in a can with a capacity of 6 - 18 litres. The ash should be gently mixed with the seed by hand, and the lid placed tightly on the can. The can should be kept in a cool, dark place (Naito, 1981).
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