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B. Loehr
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Whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci)

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They suck plant sap and excrete honeydew where moulds grow, which may affect plant growth and vigour. The tobacco whitefly is considered a major pest due to its ability to vector various virus diseases, which cause considerable damage to watermelons and other cucurbits.

Minor Pest What to do.: 
  • Conserve natural enemies. Parasitic wasps are important in natural control of whiteflies
  • Use reflective mulches. Reflective mulch repels whitefly adults resulting in delayed and reduced attack by this pest with consequent reduction in damage as shown in experiments in USA. (Summers & Stapleton 2002)
  • Whenever necessary spray crop with neem products. Neem-based pesticides are reported to inhibit growth and development of immature stages, and to reduce egg laying by adult whiteflies
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