Main aphids in Africa: Black bean aphid ([i]Aphis fabae[/i]), Cabbage aphid ([i]Brevycoryne brassicae/Myzus persicae[/i]), Groundnut aphid ([i]A.craccivora[/i]), Cotton aphid ([i]A.gossypii[/i]), Russian wheat aphid ([i]Diuraphis noxia[/i]), Cypress aphid ([i]Cinara cupressi[/i])

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The sorghum aphid (Melanaphis saccari) and the maize aphid (Rhopalosiphum maidis)

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These are common on sorghum. The sorghum aphid is light yellow in colour, and the maize aphid is dark green to bluish-green in colour. These aphids are often found sucking on ear heads or on the underside of leaves. They produce large quantities of honeydew, which enable black sooty moulds to grow. Attacked plants sometimes are stunted, leaves dry up and yield is reduced. Young plants suffering from drought stress may be killed. Aphids can be a problem during dry periods. Heavy aphid infestations on sorghum at the booting and heading stages seriously reduce both grain quality and yield. The maize aphid transmits the maize dwarf mosaic virus to sorghum.

Adults are small, 1-4 mm long, soft-bodied insects.

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  • Conserve natural enemies. Parasitic wasps and predatory insects, including lady bird beetles, damsel bugs, lacewings, and hover fly larvae are important in natural control of aphids.
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