Bacterial wilt

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Bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum)

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This disease occurs with bad drainage, especially in the hot, wet season and is often combined with symptoms of root-knot nematodes. Plants wilt and die suddenly. When newly infected stems are cut crosswise and placed in water, a greyish or yellowish ooze appears from the cut stem. The pathogen is soil-borne with a wide host range. Root-knot nematode infestation aggravates the disease development.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Use resistant varieties, if available.
  • Use certified disease-free seeds.
  • Remove infected plants from fields and destroy affected plants.
  • Rotate with non-solanaceous crops (e.g. maize or beans).
  • Use raised beds for improved drainage.
  • Graft plants onto resistant rootstocks.
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Common names; bacterial wilt, brown rot, moko disease (banana), slime disease (potato), southern bacterial blight (tomato), seedling rot
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