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Several species of sucking bugs feed on passion fruit. The most important are:


The green stinkbug (Nezara viridula)

The brown stinkbug (Boerias maculata)

Coreid bugs such as the giant coreid bug or tip wilter (Anoplocnemis curvipes) and the leaf footed plant bug (Leptoglossus membranaceus).


Bugs suck sap from the growing tips or developing fruits. The bugs pierce the terminal buds, which eventually wilt and die back. Young plants may be killed if the attack is severe. The punctured young fruits develop localised hardened spots that remain on the fruit reducing their market value.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • In small orchard bugs can be hand picked and destroyed.
  • Watering and irrigation discourage bugs.
  • Old crops or sprouting stumps left in the field provide refuges for bugs so they should be destroyed or dig into the soil.
  • Growing strong smelling plants such as garlic and onion near the crop is reported to reduce infestations.
  • Spraying plants with a soapy solution helps to wash off young bugs.
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