Choanephora fruit rot

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Choanephora rot

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Choanephora blight (also called Choanephora rot) is caused by fungus Choanephora cucurbitarium. It causes wet rot of stems and leaves. Affected plant parts have hairy appearance (silk-like threads) consisting of fungal spores. Infection is predisposed by injuries. During rainy season it can cause heavy defoliation. The disease is spread by air currents and infected seeds. Warm, moist conditions favour disease development.

Minor Pest What to do.
  • Use resistant varieties where available.
  • Plant certified disease-free seeds.
  • Avoid dense planting to allow sufficient aeration.
  • Practise good field sanitation.
  • Spray copper when the disease is observed, see more under Biopesticides: Copper
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Amaranth (Revised)