Cowpea seed beetle

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Peter Credland. Reproduced from the Crop Protection Compendium, 2006 Edition.
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Cowpea seed beetle

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Adults are 2.0 - 3.5 mm long. They are also known as the cowpea seed beetles and are the principal storage pest of cowpea. These bruchids may infest up to 100% of the stored seeds within 3 to 6 months under ordinary storage conditions. A positive relationship between pod damage by field pest (pod sucking bugs and pod borers) and bruchid infestation in storage was found in Uganda. Controlling pests infesting pods of cowpeas in the field significantly reduce bruchid carryover in storage (IPM CRSP).

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  • Use neem extracts.
  • Dry seeds for storage to a moisture level below 13%.
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Common names; Cowpea weevil, cowpea seed weevil, spotted cowpea bruchid / Chinese bruchid, Adzuki bean beetle
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