Early blight

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A. M. Varela, icipe
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Early blight or Alternaria leaf and fruit spots (Alternaria spp.)

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Several Alternaria spp. are involved. These include A. melongenae, A. solani and A. tenuis. They cause leaf spotting and fruit rots. They produce leaf spots with concentric rings. The spots are mostly irregular, 4 to 8 mm in diameter and may enlarge and cover a large area of the leaf blade. Severely infected leaves drop off prematurely resulting in the reduction of yield. Fruit spots are circular, brown, dry and hard.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Observe proper field sanitation.
  • Use certified disease-free seed.
  • Own seed should be water heat treated. For more information on Hot water treatment click here.
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Common names; Early blight, Alternaria blight, dry blight, leaf spots, seedling blight, damping-off, collar rot, hard-rot of fruits
Host Plants
Eggplant (Revised)
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