Papaya ringspot potyvirus

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Papaya ringspot potyvirus

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It is a devastating virus disease. In Africa, it occurs in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. Initially, the disease appears as oil streaks on stems and petioles and as it progresses, mottling of leaves becomes evident. Severely infected plants do not flower and die young. Infected fruits develop characteristic line patterns, which form rings and remain green when fruits ripen. The virus is spread by aphids and it is also mechanically transmitted.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Plant in isolation.
  • Remove and destroy infected plants.
  • Avoid interplanting with cucurbits, which are also a host of PRSV.
  • Use tolerant cultivars.
  • Papaya mosaic potexvirus is another virus disease transmitted by aphids. Therefore, control aphids as soon as they are visible with soap sprays, neem or pyrethrum.
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