Phytophthora fruit rot

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Phytophthora fruit rot (Phytophthora parasitica)

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Phytophthora fruit rot fungus can cause damping-off in seedbeds, leaf spotting and collar rot on the main stem final resulting in plant death. The fungus may attack fruit at any growth stage and any part of the fruit. Spots on the fruit are dark brown, water-soaked and may have a light-coloured border. A whitish mould develops on the spots when wet conditions prevail. The spots are neither sunken nor exhibit concentric rings (zonation). Infected fruits drop prematurely.


The fungus is soil-borne. It is spread in the field by run-off water and farm implements. The disease is favoured by prolonged periods of high moisture and temperatures near 30° C.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Avoid dense planting.
  • Remove and destroy diseased fruit and plants.
  • Plough deep because Phytophthora would not survive.
  • Practise crop rotation with non-solanaceous crops such as tomato, potato and peppers.
  • Where practical, add copper sulphate to irrigation water.
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