Pod and stem blight

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Pod and stem blight (Diaporthe phaseolorum pv. sojae)

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It kills the plants in the later stages of crop development. Stems, petioles, pods, seed and less frequently leaf blades may be infected. It can be easily identified by the numerous, small, black fungal fruiting bodies (pycnidia) that appear on the stems and pods of infected plants. On the pods, the pycnidia are scattered while on the stems they are usually arranged in rows. The disease is favoured by wet weather. The disease is seed-borne and can over-season on diseased stems in the field.

Minor Pest What to do.
  • Use certified disease-free seeds.
  • Use resistant varieties, if available.
  • Practise sanitation.
  • Practise crop rotation with non-legumes.
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