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A. M. Varela, icipe.
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Semiloopers (Anomis flava) and Leafrollers (Haritalodes derogata)

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Various species of caterpillars feed on okra leaves. Semiloopers chew irregular holes on leaves, giving them a ragged appearance. Other caterpillars feed on the lower leaf surface leaving the upper surface intact (this type of damage is known as windowing). Leafrollers spin or roll leaves together, and eat the leaf margins, causing the leaves to curl and droop. Leaf-eating caterpillars cause economic damage only when present in large numbers, especially in young or stressed plants. Well-established, healthy plants can tolerate considerable loss of leaves; however, seedlings may be killed by severe defoliation.


H. derogata larvae are creamy-white or pale yellow, but appear to be green, owing to ingested leaves in the gut. First-instar larvae are 2 mm long and grow to 22-26 mm long. The larvae have dark-brown heads. The adult is a moth with wingspan of 30-40 mm.

Minor Pest What to do.
  • Check plant, particularly seedlings, regularly and hand pick the caterpillars.
  • Spray Bt products. In case of serious attack. Bt var.kurstaki and Bt var. aizawai effective when used against young caterpillars.

For more information on Bt click here.

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