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A. M. Varela
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Bugs: Stink bugs (Nezara viridula, Atelocera sp. and Halydicoris sp.)

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Both adults and nymphs of the stink bugs feed on buds, blossoms, pods and seeds. They are 6-15mm long. Their feeding causes local necrosis resulting in small pimples on the pod, and occasionally pod shedding. On very young pods, it causes twisting and distortion of pods, rendering them unmarketable.


Stink bugs are a minor pest and normally do not justify any control. But they can be a problem at podding.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • If necessary, spray botanicals in the morning when nymphs and adults bask on the plant canopy. Neem based pesticides reportedly reduce feeding by sting bugs. For more information on neem click here. A number of other plants (lantana, garlic, oleander, African marigold, blackjack, goat weed, wormseed, among others) are reported as effective against various species of bugs (Elwell and Maas, 1995). Pyrethrins are recommended for control of bugs in organic production in USA (Layton, 2004).
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