Tomato spotted wilt virus

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Tomato spotted wilt virus

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The virus is transmitted by thrips (Thrips tabaci and Frankliniella spp.). The virus has a wide host range including many ornamental plants, vegetable crops and weeds. Diseased leaves have purplish-brown spots. Diseased leaves later turn brown, die and droop. Brown streaks occur on leaf petioles and stems. Infected plant becomes dwarfed, and with its drooping leaves, it resembles a plant affected by wilt. Symptoms on fruits consist of circular zones with shades of yellow or brown alternating with green and later with pink or red. Fruit symptoms are very characteristic of the disease.

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  • Plant resistant cultivars, (e.g. "Star 9006", "Star 9008")
  • Control the insect vectors early.
  • Practise general field sanitation.
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